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Granite Male Enhancement US

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Granite Male Enhancement US is an organic male sexual enhancement supplement which promises to balance your hormones, raise sexual libido, and make erections harder. In addition, it may give you extra physical energy. There’s limited information about this product online.

Does Granite Male Enhancement Work?

Based on the ingredients we know about; this product should work. It includes substances that raise levels of testosterone and nitric oxide, increase libido, and make your erections stronger. Unfortunately, there are no Granite Male Enhancement reviews online to confirm that this is an effective supplement.

Granite Male Enhancement US

Granite Male Pros & Cons


  • Granite Male Enhancement may raise sexual libido.
  • The product could make your erections harder and stronger.
  • It may give you extra physical energy.
  • Granite Male Enhancement balances hormones in the male body.
  • It could improve your sexual stamina.


  • There’s no official website for this product.
  • There’s no place to buy Granite Male Enhancement.
  • We don’t know the complete ingredient list.

Who Should Use Granite Male Enhancement?

Granite Male Enhancement is for men who suffer from low libido, erectile dysfunction, or who simply want to improve their stamina and sexual performance. It is not suitable for women.

How Does It Work? | The Science Behind Granite Male

Granite Male includes ingredients which can raise the levels of testosterone in the body. This increases sex drive, and it can also improve muscle mass and strength.

Other substances like Tongkat Ali can increase the amount of nitric oxide. This improves circulation all over the body, including the manhood. It also makes erections harder and stronger.

Granite Male Enhancement Ingredients – What to Look For

Here are some of the primary active ingredients in Granite Male :

  • Saw Palmetto – This is a palm tree which grows in the Southern U.S. It’s berries have the medicinal properties. It is an effective treatment for easing the symptoms of prostate enlargement. It may also help increase libido and strengthen erections to some extent.

A study in the International Journal of Applied Research on Medicinal Plants found only a moderate, non-significant improvement in libido and erectile dysfunction with saw palmetto.

  • Horny Goat Weed – This is a plant called Epimedium which grows mostly in China. It has a long history of being used to treat low libido, erectile dysfunction, and some medical issues like pain and osteoporosis. A study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that horny goat weed improved erectile dysfunction in male rats.
  • Tongkat Ali – The Eurycoma Longfolia plant can increase levels of testosterone in the body, elevating libido. It can also raise levels of nitric oxide, which improves blood flow to the manhood and strengthens erections. A study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine concluded that Eurycoma Longfolia improved libido, sexual satisfaction, performance, and physical functioning.

Can I Buy Granite Male Enhancement in Stores?

No, Granite Male is not for sale in any offline retail locations, and it’s also not for sale anywhere online.

Where can I buy Granite Male and how much does it cost?

According to some 3rd party review websites, they claim that the Granite Male product is available on their official website.

Granite Male Enhancement US

The Bottom Line

Granite is a natural male sexual supplement that increases levels of testosterone in the body, raising libido and helping build muscles. The product may also help ease erectile dysfunction, making erections stronger. Unfortunately, there’s very little information about this product online.

There’s no official website for this product, nor is there a complete list of ingredients. There are no sites online which sell Granite Male . In addition, there are no Granite pills reviews of the supplement anywhere online. There’s no contact information for Granite Male customer service.

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