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Barbara Melted 167Lbs With This Costa Rican Tradition

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Barbara Melted 167Lbs With This Costa Rican Tradition

Barbara Millen was 38 years old and weighing 291 pounds when she went on vacation with her husband Ken and her son Michael…

She had been trying to lose weight for years but none of her attempts were successful… 

And each time she fell off the wagon, the weight came back, plus a little more…

And with so many disappointments, she turned to comfort food… and let herself go…Barbara Melted 167Lbs With This Costa Rican Tradition

Until she got to the point where she was 291 pounds and she couldn’t even look at herself in the mirror… 

But while she was on vacation, Barbara stumbled on a Costa Rican tradition and started to practice it daily, and in under 1 year she lost 167 pounds.

Right now, thousands of people from US are losing up to 29 lbs of fat in just 30 days by simply practicing this Costa Rican tradition dailyso if you want to get back to your skinny jeans without effort, you must try it!

Discover The Costa Rican Tradition That Helped Barbara Melt 167 Pounds In Under 1 Year!


Barbara Melted 167Lbs With This Costa Rican Tradition
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