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[Recipe Delicious] No-Fuss Protein-Packed “Power Bowl”

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Recipe Delicious No-Fuss Protein-Packed “Power Bowl” Ready to ditch your sad salad or boring hard-boiled eggs? Then it’s time to try our delicious “power bowl” that’s absolutely PACKED with protein… has the perfect touch of sweet craisins & crunchy almonds… and will keep you full for hours. It comes together really easily… so get started with the recipe by reading below. Enjoy!

Hello again, everyone!

It’s SRS Medicare here.

If you’ve done some research on how to slim down… even just an online search or two… you know that your hormones can play a big role.

That part isn’t up for debate… but it can be confusing to know exactly what you should do to get your hormones under control… so you can feel better & slim down easier.

That’s one reason I really love the Fit Trim Happy YouTube channel.

It’s full of valuable, information-packed videos that cover TONS of questions I’ve personally asked about weight loss… especially when it comes to your hormones…

Like “Are Carbs Bad For You?


Are All Calories Created Equal?

I’ll warn you though… it’s super easy to binge watch the whole channel because each video has so much great info in it!

Plus, Caroline adds new videos EVERY WEEK… so you know there will always be something new & interesting to watch.

So subscribe to the Fit Trim Happy YouTube channel now & be the first to know when a new simple, actionable weight loss & health video is released.

Here’s one shocking fact I found from there:

Scientists have now discovered the “heavy gene” that they think makes some people pack on weight.

Shocking, isn’t it?!

And of course hormones and the endocrine system are involved…Recipe Delicious No-Fuss Protein-Packed “Power Bowl”

However… the more scientists find out about this “heavy gene”… the easier it is to slim down if you do have it…

To see how this “heavy gene” works… and how you can actually use it to slim down faster… check this out now:

[Study] Scientists Discover New “Heavy Gene”–Here’s How to Use It to Slim Down… 

– SRS Medicare

P.S. – Do you like these emails with these actionable tips for how to slim down easier? If so, reply “Yes” to this email so I know to keep sending more!

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