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World’s largest poop (40lbs)

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World’s largest poop (40lbs) Can you imagine walking around with 40 lbs of poop in your belly?

That’s what life was like for this man here:

World's largest poop (40lbs)

He suffered from chronic constipation and died at the age of 29…

And his autopsy revealed that his colon was 8 ft long with 40 lbs of poop!

While this is an extreme case

But Harvard research shows that an adult may have 5-20 lbs of food stuck inside their colon...

And if it’s left untreated…

It can cause a bloated tummy, unwanted weight gain, and weak immune system.

And worse, it might even develop into intestinal cancer that kills 236,000 Americans every year.

Luckily, this “unusual remedy” acts like a vacuum that sucks trapped poop out of your intestine.

So, if you’re struggling to pass a stool or suffer from chronic constipation…

Then you should give this a try: World’s largest poop (40lbs)

>> “Unusual Remedy” Flushes Out Stuck Poop

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